About Giro Wallet

What is GIRO Wallet

GIRO Wallet is a digital wallet solution that enables individuals, merchants and corporations to make their payments easy, fast and secure.

What can I do with GIRO Wallet?

  • Buy air time for UAE mobile numbers from Du and Etisalat
  • Buy air time on international mobile numbers
  • Send money overseas (After completing the physical KYC form)
  • Send money to other GIRO users around the world
  • Pay to merchants connected to Trriple merchant network (See locations link)
  • Pay Dubai Police fines
  • Program recurrent payments and set reminders
  • Share GIRO Wallet with your friends and get rewards
  • Check out GIRO’s benefits and promotions and be a part of the GIRO Rewards Program.

Where will GIRO Wallet be available?

GIRO Wallet will be an own-brand digital app to be offered by any member bank to their customers (who can be consumers or small business) to access and use. Some non-member banks will also be offering it to customers. The app will also be available direct from GIRO Wallet by anyone who is resident in the UAE.

What are the benefits with GIRO's Wallet?

Creating a highly efficient, safe and popular system for payment and remittance of money. But a high priority for the project is also improving financial inclusion of the unbanked segment of the UAE population – over 1.3 million UAE residents. It will enable them to access basic financial services, such as receiving funds or making payments. It will also help reduce cash in circulation, thus reducing costs and fraud while increasing security and financial stability. It will add value to a potential base of 3 million customers using it to pay in a wide variety of scenarios, providing services in addition to payments. Working together banks can create a modern and efficient digital wallet for the entire population that reduces the use of cash and benefits all parties in the ecosystem while cementing the customer relationship through the cornerstone of easy payment provision.

Why is GIRO Wallet secure?

GIRO Wallet is secured using highest level of encryption. Every GIRO Wallet transaction is password protected and guarded behind our advanced encryption, so your mind is always at peace while making online payments. Each time you transact on GIRO Wallet, you are sent SMS and e-mail alerts so that you are up-to-date on all activities occurring through your GIRO Wallet. Also, with our Prepaid VISA card you can shop online without fear of revealing your account details at various merchant sites.

For Merchants

I want to start accepting payments using GIRO Wallet. Where do I start?

To start accepting payments using the GIRO Wallet:

a) Just sign up with GIRO Wallet and complete your eKYC  process with required documents.

b) After successful registration, simply share your Mobile No. or QR Code with your customers to start accepting cashless payments in your GIRO Wallet.

Can I transfer money from GIRO Wallet to my bank account? What are the applicable transfer charges?

Yes, you can transfer money from your GIRO Wallet to your bank account. Our bank transfer charges are 2% inclusive of service tax.

Do I have to go through a verification process to be a merchant?

Yes, after a merchant registers with us, we follow a quick verification process to ensure the authenticity.

How a Merchant is different from a Retail Outlet?

Retail Outlet (RO) is a business partner who does Recharges/Bill payments/Money transfers for their customers paying in cash, using a prepaid trading advance account of GIRO Wallet. But a Merchant could be any business who registers and uses GIRO Wallet to accept payments from his/customers. It could be a grocery store, a pharmacy, a doctor clinic, a hawker or a service provider selling goods or services.

Is there a limit to receiving payments in my GIRO Wallet?

There’s no limit on receiving payments but we may verify the transaction in case of fraudulent attempt .