A single-minded focus on getting results.

Our goal is to make Giro’s culture feel like a family by ensuring every employee feels respected and understood. Like members of a family, every employee has a voice and opportunities for growth, promoting a positive workspace and inevitable success.

Giro Fintech was founded in 2018. As a start-up company, Giro Fintech is a software services company for integration to banks in the UAE. What sets Giro Fintech apart from the competitors is its technical expertise and deep respect in the fintech region. Our approach to the software industry combines technical know how, agile delivery methods and a strong combination of experiences and quality that’s refined over the many years of experience. With the founders and expertise in the software department, Giro Fintech, will be growing the team expansion which will be calibrating over the years. As the company grows in time, it will be looking to go worldwide as part of the Remittance program, among the many software integrations we have inside this fintech company.

What they say

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